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About Us

The Celluscience formula has been established for over 20 years and has revolutionized the way in which cellulite is targeted. We understand cellulite is a skin condition which effects the vast majority of women and requires treatment from within.

Celluscience, now distributed by Lanvens Brands was originally developed by the Italian market leading cosmetics company Sant’ Angelica. The formula provides millions of women (and some of the world’s most beautiful celebrities) with a clinically proven, non invasive solution that helps reduce cellulite.

Millions of dollars have been invested into the Celluscience Anti-Cellulite Beaute Intensive formula. Celluscience has been created in a state of the art laboratory with scientists dedicated to the most rigorous scientific testing processes. Celluscience has been formulated with meticulous care into research and development, and has been tested under the most demanding of conditions. For years, millions of consumers, in dozens of countries, have trusted our formula to deliver.

To prove the efficacy of this incredible product, five third party double-blind placebo controlled published clinical studies have been conducted. Through cutting edge research on the science of beauty we are able to provide consumers with a premium quality beauty brand that really works.

Our team is committed to creating innovative, quality skin solutions which brings consumers the very latest in scientific excellence not only through our product, but also through our offering of personalized tips, techniques and advice to maximize results.