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Santica Labs

Based in Boynton Beach, Florida and founded in 2004 Santica USA Research Labs, LLC is a subsidiary of Medestea Internazionale, a Turin, Italy based European market leader of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and research and development, which in 2004, had annual beauty sales that exceeded $150 million in Italy alone.

Since 1990, from their historical Turin headquarters and three state of the art research and production facilities, Medestea Internazionale has provided millions of European women (and some of the world’s most beautiful celebrities) with top-quality skin solutions. They developed Sant’ Angelica Cellulase Gold – which was the number one selling cellulite supplement and treatment line in Italy and Europe.

In seventeen years, Sant’ Angelica has become the leading cosmetic brand in Italy and is among the top selling brands in all of Europe, selling exclusively through pharmacies and department stores. Sant’ Angelica products can be found in 26 countries around the world.

Medestea Internazionale and Santica USA Research Labs, LLC have invested millions of dollars and meticulous care into the research and development of CelluScience Anti-Cellulite Beaute Intensive formula. Five third party double-blind placebo controlled published clinical trials have been conducted to prove the efficacy of this incredible discovery.

CelluScience was created in a state of the art laboratory with scientists dedicated to the most rigorous scientific testing process. For over 10 years, millions of consumers, in dozens of countries, have trusted Santica USA Research Labs, LLC and its parent company to deliver high quality beauty products based on cutting-edge research on the science of beauty.

The Presidents and CEOs are dedicated to the thoughtful launch of this product in the USA, making it available to the American consumers for the first time.